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Frequently Asked Questions About Dueling Pianos

Why use a piano shell instead of real pianos?

Real pianos would be ideal but present many problems that make them unrealistic in most situations. The first problem is actually moving them. A standard baby grand will weigh in excess of 500lbs. Once you get the piano in place it will have to be tuned. Tuning can take hours. The piano will then need to be amplified. While this is something that can be done, it is not easy to get a clean balanced sound. For this reason most dueling piano companies use shells with electronic keyboards inside them. This gives the look and sound of real pianos without all the complications.

Is a piano shell necessary?

You can do the show with two keyboards on stands. There are some companies that sell this show regularly. Some companies will even upcharge for the use of piano shells. It is our opinion, however, that it lacks professionalism. Part of the show is the illusion of the two pianos. We have never considered doing a show without either real pianos or piano shells. Piano Punch will always provide shells at no extra cost to you.

Is there an advantage to using regional players?

Aside from the reduced cost of not having to pay for airfare, there actually are other advantages to local players. The biggest advantage is knowledge of the region. Different songs are more/less effective in different regions of the country. Different jokes come off differently depending on the audience. We have found using players that are more familiar with our region are better able to cater to the entertainment needs of the audience.

Can one company claim to be the "best" at dueling pianos?

Absolutely Not! If there was a competition to see who is the best, I do not recall ever seeing an invitation to this event. No One can claim to be "the Best" or "the only audience interactive show". While there are some sub-par companies that just regurgitate music and have no interaction, most dueling piano shows are quite comparable. You will of course have preferences if you have seen many. Piano Punch uses only top notch players with years of experience. We are dedicated to giving you a memorable, high-energy, interactive show every time.

Do I have to fly players in to get the best entertainers?

Let us answer that with a question. When you went to the piano bar in your area, were you entertained? Most local piano bars do not fly in entertainers (some do). Piano Punch uses entertainers that have worked all over the place including music hot spots like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago and more. These same entertainers now choose to make their home in this region. This doesn't make them any less of an entertainer because they decided to "come home".

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